19 September 2013

Crepe paper pomanders

Part of the reason that I set up a new blog was to document the build-up to my sister's wedding.  She is getting married in a couple of months and I am so excited for her. Who doesn't love weddings? Most of the critical elements have already been taken care of, so now it is down to finalising all the small details that help to personalise the day. I think this is the part that is the most fun aspect of planning a wedding.

My sister is trying to keep to a modest budget and so it calls for some creative thinking. We have been working on a few bits and pieces for her special day, and I have created a Pinterest account to collate ideas. Cripes, a girl could get lost in there! And depressed. Anyway, musn't dwell on the things we could never afford in a bazillion years and focus on the parts we can make ourselves.

I was asked to make some decorations for the church pews. Although nothing beats fresh flowers in a church, in my opinion, there are still some equally lovely cost-effective alternatives to help make the venue look bridal and beautiful.  Initially, she requested tissue paper pompoms, but as soon as I started to look online at other church pew paper decorations, I discovered pomanders. While pompoms are lovely too, white rose pomanders instantly scream "wedding". I set about making one for my sister using white crepe paper and she loved it the moment she saw it.
Here is the video tutorial that I referred to if you would like to make these yourself. I used pins to secure the roses to a polystyrene ball. It would have looked fine without further embellishment, but I experimented with a few options to show my sister, as she is a girl who loves sparkly things. She opted for self-adhesive rhinestones which were applied to the heads of the pins. The balls sparkle when the light catches them and they do look quite elegant. I am looking forward to seeing them on the church pews. For now, they are being safely stored away from interested little people and their curious little hands.
I'm joining in with Leonie and fellow creatives at Show and Tell this week.


  1. Looks stunning Leanne - no doubt both you and your sister are delighted with them. They are going to look gorgeous all down the aisle :)

  2. They look awesome and very time consuming! You are an awesome sister and you've only just started. Looking forward to more.

  3. These are just gorgeous - they look like a really classy and expensive accessory - I am so impressed - do make sure you take a picture of them on the big day in the church setting too!

  4. So beautiful Leanne, and your sister can keep them afterwards as a memory of her day and her sister. So lovely of you to help her out with her planning and to be able to share this. Looking forward to seeing what else you get up to!

  5. Oh I love this! Its so clever what you can make with crepe paper...gone are the days of crepe only being used for streamers :))

  6. wow these are lovely...do they take long to make they look pretty detailed....it will be a really beautiful touch on the day I am sure. xx