07 January 2014

Happy 2014

How are you all? It feels good to be back, although I have taken my time returning to this space. After a two week absence here, I hadn't realised just how hard it would be to start writing again. I think I am still in holiday mode so I guess the best thing to do is just write and find my groove.

I've been instagramming over the summer break, and with limited internet access on our road trip to Taranaki, found it to be an ideal way to capture and share moments of our holiday. I tend not to reuse those images in my blog posts, but you'll probably see some similar images taken on my camera. Speaking of which, I must have been a very good girl last year as Santa gave me a DSLR. I am a little intimidated by it, but having seen the difference in image quality between the Canon and my lovely, handy, compact, easy-to-use Fuji (I'm struggling to let it go), I can see why keen photographers use them. Even so, the most serious of photographers still have to find the motivation to pull out the camera and take photos. The past fortnight was spent reading escapist fiction and relaxing with family at a lovely country hideaway east of Stratford. When the mood took me, I instagrammed and left the camera mostly to my husband who captured these moments after we returned.

On rare fine days, we found ourselves at various beaches around Wellington and beyond. 
We spent time with my husband's family up at the farm near Otaki and (stunning sunset aside) while the weather was not wonderful there either, it was an opportunity for everyone to escape from the usual routine, recharge and connect with each other.
Now that we are home again, I am voraciously reading all the blogs I follow, breaking out my crochet hook, hoping to declutter some very neglected interior spaces and will try to establish a garden (it's not pretty out there people) all the while trying to keep my children's boredom bugs at bay. There are only four weeks until the start of the new school year. It will be a year of change for this family, with our youngest child, Aimee, starting school in September. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, but when that time comes, I am sure you will hear all about it (ha!).


  1. That sunset is amazing Leanne! So beautifully captured. Glad that you had a nice time away, lovely to see you back! Happy New Year. xx

  2. Sounds like you had a nice break. ovely to have you back! X

  3. Isn't it crazy to be back writing again only after two weeks away. Have been fiddling with my latest post all day, lost the knack. I've been terribly lazy with my photog lately, just doing i-phone photos and sticking them through instagram to try and make them better. Must try harder!

  4. Welcome back Leanne! Nice to hear you've all had a great time away - hopefully feeling fresh and with a skip in your step now :p ooooo what kind of Canon did you get? Hubby and I bought ourselves one for Christmas too :) I've left it mainly to him and now he's back at work we have evening sessions after my day at home fine-tuning my relationship with it and kidding myself i'm getting better at taking photo's... anyhoo... cant wait to see what boredom busting, crochet breaking and garden wrangling you get up to!

  5. Lovely photos and lucky you with your DLSR :) I got one in September and love it! that sunset is awesome! Look forward to seeing what you get up to :)

  6. We spent time in Taranaki, and a day on a farm just east of Stratford : )
    A Canon eh, snap again! I haven't really learnt my way around it properly which I am a bit shamed about, but in the meantime it seems to know what to do.
    AMAZING sunset photo! One for the wall!

  7. Looking forward to following your journey in 2014 and seeing what magic you can create with the new camera - if the first post is anything to go by - wow!