22 April 2014

Sofa so good

How was your Easter? Ours was great, thanks for asking. The Easter Bunny decided that instead of chocolate a new couch would be much better for my hips.
And blogspot. Geddit? Ooh, I'm on fire with these puns.
Now, the first rule of Couch Club is to not talk about the oversized, wrongly configured couch. Ha! It's a little bit of a sticking point between my husband and I, as I distinctly recall a conversation while we were in the store that went along the lines of:
"Are you sure it will fit?"
"Do you think the chaise should go on the other side?"
We don't go in much for lengthy discussions.

It's growing on me where it is. In the middle of the entrance to the lounge. I've only grazed passed it a few times in the last few days. Plus it is in the perfect spot for the girls to practice their running forward rolls from the other side of the room. Ahem.
However, I will say that even though I preferred the light grey version, practicality won out and we went with the charcoal. It is also very comfortable, which again, is an important consideration given the amount of hours we will spend lounging on it. In fact, I would venture that if couch potatoism was an extreme sport we would kick some serious lazy butt.

My husband and I had talked about getting a leather couch, but even though I liked the idea and there are some beautiful ones out there, it just seemed a wrong fit for this room. The textured fabric feels so much more cozy and the girls seem to agree.

We have grey carpet, grey blinds, grey fireplace tiles, grey couch and horrendously oversized speakers and television. Without me even realising it, we are one beer fridge away from a man cave. Colour will eventually find its way in there somewhere, most likely with reupholstered armchairs and cushions. I am keeping half an eye out for a coffee table and if my husband and I can ever agree on art, the walls may even find themselves with something on them one day. Slow and steady, that's how we roll.


  1. Loved the puns in this post, keep 'em coming ;)

  2. Haha on fire alright! Gotta love a big comfy chair that feels like home! Slow and steady wins the race ;)

  3. Hi there, just catching up! Hope that you are finding some ways to add some colour!! Happy week. xx