24 November 2014

DIY - Crochet name cake topper

1. Begin with a slipknot on your hook.
2. Feed the end of the wire through the slipknot and bend the wire back on itself so it stays in place. You may need to hold both the end of the wire and the yarn tail at this early stage while you start to crochet along the wire.

3. Pass your hook under the wire and do a single crochet.
4. Continue to single crochet along the wire until you have enough wire covered to begin forming some letters. (My capital letter is 6cm tall and the lowercase letters are 4cm tall).
Once you are happy with how the name looks, cut the yarn and the wire, leaving enough length on the wire to wrap it around one of the skewers. Tie off the yarn. Using your wool needle weave the yarn tails back through a letter to hide them.
Wrap the wire at each end around a skewer. Stand back and marvel at your amazingness.


  1. Amazingness fo-sho!!! That is way cool - thanks for sharing the how to too! Clever clogs :)

  2. You are so clever... who would have ever thought something so impressive was this simple! Thanks for sharing ) xx

  3. I love!! where do you get the wire from??

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for signing up to follow me here. The wire should be readily available at any craft store - I bought mine from Spotlight. You should be able to find it in the floral arranging or in the jewelry-making section.

  4. Fantastic! What a clever person you are! xx

  5. I don't think I can even say "DIY crochet name cake topper," let alone make one! Maybe when the kids are a bit bigger - say, left home - we could get together and you could teach me some things.

  6. Brilliant - this could be used in many other ways too.