30 October 2013

Sloth Sunday

Or "What the Kids Didn't See". My lovely husband took our girls up to spend the day at the farm on Sunday, so I shall share with you some of the things that I did and didn't do while they were away for a full six hours.

The kids didn't see me not do any housework. Not even to put away three heaving basketloads of clean washing that are still sitting in the lounge, two days after the long weekend has finished. Let's not mention the state of the bathroom. I'm a bit scared to go in there without wearing a Hazmat suit and breathing apparatus. They didn't see me not clean the BBQ utensils that have finally been brought in after spending six lonely months living in our outdoor BBQ. Six months of build-up on those suckers. They're still sitting on the kitchen bench. I wonder if there is a certain timeframe in which these things start to self-regulate, like hair if you don't shampoo it for a while.

The girls didn't see me relive my youth while singing badly to Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. They didn't see me eat a Picnic bar (there were no Moros) and a bag of licorice allsorts and call it lunch. I didn't even have to hide the evidence until 5pm.

I know I sound incredibly lazy. Maybe I am part-sloth. I do like to sleep alot. It's not that I wasn't doing anything. I sewed. All day. I finished off a wrist corsage for the wedding and lined my daughters' flower girl dresses amongst a few other bits and pieces.
The corsage is for my niece who has cerebral palsy. It has been designed with comfort in mind so the band is elasticated with individual pearl embellishments glued around it. I wanted the flower to be large since it is effectively replacing a bouquet, but am a little worried that it might be too big. My seven year old has the same sized wrist as my niece and she is modelling the corsage in the above photo. 
With this project completed (unless I decide to make a smaller corsage), I think my involvement with the wedding preparation is nearly at an end. I don't quite know how I feel about that. It has been so much fun to be part of the planning and I am very grateful to my sister for allowing me to have a degree of creative licence with the floral arrangements. The next time I blog about the wedding, the big day will have been and gone and I will hopefully be allowed to share some photos with you all.


  1. The corsage looks great Leanne, I hope your niece likes it. Hope that your sisters wedding goes really well and that she and her new husband have long and happy lives together. xx p.s. I had a slice of cake and a hunk of cheese for lunch yesterday eaten at the kitchen window while I watched the birds eating their lunch!

  2. Great looking corsage - gorgeous detail. Hope the wedding goes well! As for being a sloth and sounding lazy - i think you'll find many of us wish for a day like that! Sometimes you just have to be :) As for Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams... I'm sure you rocked it x

  3. Wowsers!! That is b-eautiful! Looks like a perfect size for the job intended. Love the pearls too.
    Lol, when I used to enjoy the odd hour or two to myself, it would involve a choc licorice bar and a bottle of Coke Zero, and that was my lunch. Those days are few and far between now...

  4. It looks perfect - am sure you niece is going to love it. What an amazing wedding your sister is going to have - everything looks stunning :) And sloth I think not - sounds like the totally perfect day to spend to yourself! Kinda jealous haha.

  5. Visiting from show and tell. I think the corsage is gorgeous and a good size

  6. I agree with everyone....its the perfect size and lovely replacement to a bouquet! Sounds like the perfect sunday to me too.....( part sloth here too ;) )