16 October 2013

Toss bouquet

Last bouquet post, I promise. I made this fabric bouquet over the weekend for my sister to do the traditional bouquet toss at the wedding reception. She had given me one of her old bridesmaid's outfits a few years ago to make use of the fabric and now seemed the perfect time to use it. 
Butterflies are very significant to my sister and her fiance, so it felt right to include one on this bouquet. It is made from card and was recycled from a birthday party invitation to Aimee. Although the photo suggests otherwise, the colours of the butterfly complement the tones of the bouquet

I used some of the buttons from the bodice to place in the centre of a couple of flowers and wrapped the stem with the same vintage lace that is used on the junior flower girl bouquets. I like that there is a touch of sentimental value to the bouquet in using parts of the dress that my sister wore and the lace given to me by our grandmother.
It is really quite a deceptively heavy bouquet, and it survived a couple of practice runs at throwing it (think caber-tossing, that should give you an idea of the finesse of the throws), so it should hopefully last the one final important toss - I wonder who will catch it?


  1. It is very pretty Leanne, and anyone would be very lucky to catch this! I would of course have trouble tossing it away if I was the bride! Can't remember what happened to my flowers when I got married - my Mum probably took them home! Hope that you are having fun making all of these things for your sister, your year of crafting has certainly set you up for all of this! xx

  2. Gorgeous!! Wish I had you making decorations when I got married :)

  3. None of your sisters are left to catch it are they? She's the last one!