08 July 2014

I'm a cool mum and that's not cool

More often lately, I have come to realize that the days of watching my girls point at the sky in wonder at the "hopperdoctor" and seeing them bounce on the "pampopleen" are over. It left me wondering about the fact that we spend a sizable portion of our early parenting lives teaching our children how to pronounce words correctly only for them to disappear down the dark hole of SMS speech when they hold a mobile device in their hands. My children do not have cellphones, and despite the fact that I don't converse with them in text speak (soz, peeps, I don't spare you from the same rule) I can see that some terminology is creeping its way into how my eldest daughter communicates with her BFFs. Text terms, abbreviations and acronyms are commonplace and constantly evolving but I feel reasonably confident that I am au fait with the majority of them, or I could at least hazard a guess if I saw it written somewhere. It's not that I have a FOMO. LOL. I just think it's a parent's responsibility to get a handle on these things and if we can't keep ahead of the game, at the very least we can try to keep up.

So, the other day when my daughter said I was cool, I felt quite touched. Then she dissolved into a fit of giggles. I should have known better, although in my defence, it's not uncommon for her to say something heart-meltingly lovely to us. She explained that it is not cool, it's cool - cranky old overweight loser.

Not. Cool.

Seeing my Mum-face, my daughter quickly compensated for the rude remark by saying "No, you're only one of those things". Well, that's alright then. While I was momentarily left wondering which one, she went on to add "You're not old, overweight or a loser, but you are cranky". Fair call. My children are nothing if not honest. I turned it back on them though and asked them when and why I get cranky. They all know it is when they aren't doing something they've been asked to do. Usually for the fifth time. There's a lesson in there for them - and me, but mostly them. Mum FTW (not the obscene FTW, the other one ICYWW).



  1. I am obviously ancient!!! I cannot follow all this at all! xx

  2. Ha ha great post - that COOL must be doing the rounds of the local schools - my oldest has been using it too - constipated over-rated old lady was his definition!

  3. Heck! I have had to accept that I am old and very not cool (in the old fashioned way that I understand it!) Imagine when my smallies get to be teenagers, I may as well give up and accept whatever status they give me LOL!!

  4. That is a bit funny :) Hasn't happened here yet... probably just a matter of time! Funny you say about correcting their speech when they're little - I just cant do it! I love it too much - whimming pools adorable-ness things!