06 July 2014

There Are No Cats in This Book

I don't tend to count picture books as being among the books that I read, but that isn't being fair to the picture books, is it?

Recently, Aimee and I have been enjoying There are No Cats in this Book by author/illustrator Viviane Schwarz. It has been around a little while it seems but we've just discovered it, realizing only at the end that she has written an earlier book with these characters called There Are Cats in This Book. We will be seeking out that book at the library these winter holidays.
Some children become so enamoured with a book that they want to have it read to them over and over again but I had never really seen that happen with Aimee until this book. She loves how interactive it is, as the cats (yes, there are cats in this book - oh, the irony!) enlist the help of the reader to escape the pages of the book so they can go see the world. 
I am so glad to find a book that she adores and I hope that this marks the start of a lifelong love of books for her.

What picture books have your pre-schoolers enjoyed? Any recommendations are warmly welcomed.


  1. My oldest loved any and all Beatrix Potter books when she was a preschooler. We read them over and over again until she had them all memorized. My son loves Splat the Cat books, any American tall tale retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg, and "Cars, Trucks and Things that Go" by Richard Scarry. Hope that helps! Oh, and my two very favorite kid lit blogs are www.juliasbookbag.com and www.penpalsandpicturebooks.com - you'll find great books recommendations and the ladies when run the blogs have become friends of mine. They are wonderful!

  2. My children and my husband and I loved all the Hairy McLary and co books. Another lovely series was Bartholomew bear by Virginia Miller.

  3. I've heard about these! Sounds like a great one! There are a couple around here that we love - Emily Gravett is a popular author as is o what's her name... will look and let you know :)

  4. I haven't heard of this book but I must look it out... My eldest went through a Richard Scarry phase for ages. He loves books so at the moment he doesn't seem to have any favourites. Tonight he was in the mood for Anthony Browne. I love his books so was happy to read him quite a few. x

  5. Aw cool - we have There are Cats in this book and love that one too :-)

  6. We've just discovered Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam and we all LOVE it!