06 January 2016

A letter to Stu

Dear Stu

Yes, I know I said that staying in Wellington over the summer is amazing. It really is. But so is spending four days in Rotorua. Just not at your place. It was a completely spur of the moment decision to take a family holiday because my children had never been to Rotorua before and I thought my lucky stars were shining bright when I managed to secure three nights' accommodation during the busiest time of the year in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country. 

When you offered us a free night's accommodation so we could prolong our stay in the adventure tourism capital, I thought I had struck gold. Once we got to our home away from home, it quickly became apparent why it was seemingly the only available lodgings anywhere in the country over the New Year break. Perhaps at $150 a night, I was expecting too much? Perhaps given we had one night gratis I have little grounds to complain? I say Stu, instead of taking the $30 that I paid to have the house cleaned after our stay that you spend my $480 to get a commercial cleaner in to give that place a good clean. It's my gift to you.

We just had to look past the odd smell, the general filthiness and the hole in the toilet floor and those annoying soundless flies that just do circuits around each other in the middle of the lounge and the fact that there was no bottle of wine even though it was promised in the listing. We needed that wine Stu to dull our senses. We tried to escape out the front door but it was jammed shut. So were some of the windows in the lounge. Except for the one that did open and the entire window almost came out of the frame. Should I go on? I think I should. When you ticked the box on the listing that says that the house is toddler-safe, surely you meant it's because it has a high chair and not because of the lawn with some broken glass on it next to a shared driveway with people tearing up and down it in their cars daily? I am sure lots of toddlers know not to suck on mouldy bathroom curtains. Look, it's not all dire, Stu. If people preferred to pay to camp on your lawn, the house exterior and train tracks across the road are both quite lovely to look at.

I'd like to leave my Qualmark star rating. It's five stars from me for any holidaymakers who are after a P house experience.


  1. Oh dear! Rain and a crappy house!

  2. Hahaha oh dear!!! One not to revisit!

  3. Stu you are a rat for treating my friend so badly! No kisses because rats don't get kisses!

    Two kisses for you though Leanne! xx

  4. We did Rotovegas for two days and it was great! so many things to do with the zorbs and whatnot. Still I prefer the sea to lakes.