24 March 2014

Meanwhile, back in the craft cave...

Feeling inspired by all the floral headbands I keep seeing on social media, including these ones made by Kristin of Hello Fallow, I spent some time this weekend making a floral letter for Aimee. This wreath is quite large, about 30cm tall. I had the customwood, ribbon and paint already and picked up some artificial flowers on sale. So far, so cheap. The single most expensive item was the special "fabric glue", which rather suspiciously looks and smells like PVA.
I could have bought a pre-cut letter, but there weren't any large enough in the shops I visited so I returned home and cut out a letter from a thin sheet of customwood that my husband had stashed away - against a wall in our lounge. It's been sitting there for two years. Fair game then. You can tell I was impatient about getting started as I couldn't find the jigsaw, so I resorted to cutting out the letter by hand using a large GIB knife. It probably took longer to do that than the rest of the project combined and did not give a very smooth finish, but I just really wanted to satisfy my urge to create and finish something in a few hours. There are no photos of that part of the process as I needed both hands to cut and steady the massive sheet from playing a Rolf Harris number.

A bit of sanding, a layer of undercoat and I was ready for the exciting part. There is something quite enjoyable about flower arranging, getting the right balance of colour and form.
I had a few flowers left over at the end so will likely make more - once I find that pesky power tool.  This house is by no means big, so I can't understand how things just do a MH370 (too soon?). Sienna wants me to make her a letter, but not out of flowers, BALLOONS, people. Renee also wants one - made from lollies. I love how their choices reflect their personalities; Sienna is bright, cheerful and has a tendency to clown around. Renee is always thinking about her stomach - oh yeah, and she's sweet.

Joining in with Leonie and the other craftoholics over here.


  1. Heehee love the balloons and lollies :). This flower one is gorgeous Leanne - am feeling very inspired!! Go you glue and knife wielder you :)

  2. It looks great Leanne, sounds as though the cutting out was hard work though, hope that the saw turns up before you start the next ones. I like all the different ideas your little ones have for their own letters. xx

  3. This is a wonderful idea, Leanne. I might just have to copy you. We have been painting Annie's room and it is no longer pink. I think a flowery A on her door would add back some of the girly feel to her space. Cx

  4. Ah yes, that sounds familiar (the neeeeed to craft and get started even when you can't find the right tools that is...)- it sometimes leads to disaster other times to inspiration don't you think!?!

    Hee hee, Lollies and balloons- good luck creating those ;-)

  5. This is great - perfectly girly, just gorgeous!