04 June 2014

Hazel Loves Design Treasure Hunt

Holy moly, guys. I must have been asleep when the memo got sent out, but have you heard that Hazel Loves Design is hosting a most amazing treasure hunt? Clearly, some of you have as at the time of writing this, there are over 1260 entries. So, I thought why not further decrease everyone's odds by announcing it on my blog? You're welcome.
Some very clever and generous New Zealand designers and artisans have come on board to supply a diverse range of prizes that include homewares, jewellery and childrenswear - and randomly (but yummily), CAKE. Add to that a one year's subscription of Hazed magazine and a Hazel Loves Design marketing package to promote your indie design business. One lucky person is going to win the bounty worth over $1500.

In. Sane.

You had better head on over and check it out for yourself. I'm entering it just for the cake alone. And the iphone cover. There's no conflict of interest with me being a Hazel Loves Design blogging partner, is there? I'd probably feel bad if I won. But only a little bit. I'll share the prizes if I win, okay?


  1. Thanks for alerting! Although I probably should know too... well it's just missed my radar completely! Sharing is caring isn't it? :)