05 June 2014

Hottie Project covers

And just like that, it's Show and Tell day. As promised, I am back to show you my Hottie Project contributions that I made in moments stolen over the weekend. These hot water bottle covers were all made from a black terry towelling bathrobe which, by the way, was Humongous Man-sized. It was given to me by my sister who discovered articles of clothing left behind by a former tenant. I don't know if that's particularly ethical, but really, tenants, don't leave your unwanted belongings behind for someone else to remove. That's just piggy.

Even after washing it, there were a few unusable patches so I feel pretty happy to be able to get four covers from the material.
I can confirm that my appliqué did not improve on my second or third attempts. Maybe I should stick to straight edges for a bit until I get it all worked out. They're wonky with wobbly embroidery to match. Bet you're thinking my appliqué needs work but damn that girl can monogram. This was already on the bathrobe so I incorporated it as my little feature. Hope someone out there is a Brad and Ange fan.
I have to confess that when I saw Leonie's spaceship and rocket offerings this morning, I unpicked Legoman and had another go at stitching him because his crookedness simply Would. Not. Do. That was the moment I realised how much of a nightmare it is to appliqué (digression: does that acute accent annoy you? I'm sorry, it's the pedantic French language lover in me) onto a project that has already been sewn together. So, for the sake of my sanity, I decided that the balloon and the heart covers would just have to be sent as they are. Just don't put them right next to Leonie's ones in the care parcel to Christchurch, please. Ha!


  1. visiting from sunshine x3. Well done with that many covers. I am struggling to get my one done with all that is going on at the moment

  2. Leanne, they are way cool! That Lego man! Very inspired! You are too funny, you. They will all keep little toes snug ;)

  3. I think they are great and applique onto bathrobe fabric cannot be easy to do, so don't be so hard on yourself! xx

  4. They are excellent Leanne! I bet they're really snuggly and lets face it, little boys and girls are unlikely to turn their noses up at wonky sewing :-)

  5. These are great! Snugly, warm and cute. The kids will love them :) xx