10 June 2014


So, this quilting thing. It's more complex to construct one than I thought. Or maybe I just underestimated the process. I am even more in awe of this one now given that I am doing possibly the least time-consuming piecing that is quiltingly possible by stitching 10cm/4" squares together into a cross quilt. I have made a couple of rookie mistakes in my fabric selection which I will go into in more detail when I finish it.

It has been raining steadily here for a few days and having a couple of unwell children has given me a really good reason to slow down and plug in the sewing machine while the girls rested. One or two of you have been quite keen to see how the quilt is all coming together. There are sneakity peeks over on Instagram, but here's another photo for you. Because ironing never looked this good.
I have decided to wait to show you any more until it's completely finished because, yanno, impact.

Truthfully though, the idea of a big reveal might motivate me to finish it, unlike my poor crochet triangle blanket which has not progressed much further at all from when I last wrote about it - way back in March. Maybe this cooler weather will spur me into picking up the crochet hook once more. We'll just have to see where the mood takes me.


  1. Ohh!!! I am very excited to see more!! Looking good! xx

  2. Dude - we all start somewhere and this is looking great! from what I can see :) and I think you will be absolutely fine from what I can see of the colourways! Good luck with the final legs... you can do it and it will be great! Hope everyone is feeling a bit better too x

  3. Love the art collaboration on the wall, totally have to make one this year! Colours in your quilt are super cool. Can I have one? ;)

  4. Let me know if I can lend a hand.